Assalamualaikum wr wb.

The Faculty of Medicine of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan was established on 2018 with great expectancy to become globally recognizable with locally hospitality on 2032.

“Mens Sana In Corpore Sano”
We often read the famous Latin slogan on books or daily journals. The message is to spread awareness regarding physical status that must correlate with healthy soul. How to measure both our inner and outer body or physical and mental? The answer could vary, however, the absolute principal to gain the perfect standard is through knowledge. Medical field has interception in both aspects.

Imbued with the Islamic values to build high quality ‘insan’ (red: human), our faculty has duties to inseparably nurture a character together with excellency in professionalism of medical knowledge and skill for our graduates and staffs. Another excellency our faculty focuses on is in disaster subject along with systematic curriculum during pre-clinical years. The purpose of the supplementation course is to prepare a quick response team with high skill and prior knowledge regarding disaster events in which all medical professional must know.

For last, we are happy to welcome you to join with us in Medical of Faculty of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan.

Prod. Dr. dr. Rusdi Lamsudin, Sp. S(K)., M.Med.Sc


To become regional and International recognized of The Faculty of Medicine with excellency on medical education, research and community service as well as in disaster response; imbued by Islamic values by year 2032.


  1. To perform International recognized of medical education, research and community service imbued by Islamic values
  2. To produce graduates with noble morals, professional and disaster alert
  3. To affiliate with regional and international stakeholders regarding the implementation of tridharma role

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